Positive Singles Review

It is estimated that over 400 million in the world live with HIV. Positivesingles.com was created by having these people in Mind. They provide a platform where people living with herpes and STDs mingle, find love and support they all need. It is has been a top dating site for the last 16 years. The site encourages awareness and acceptance to people who have HIV, herpes and sexually transmitted disease. It is basically easy and narrows you to find a partner with the same STD as you.


Positive singles.com assures you privacy of your photos and information. You can set which people you would like to view your photo. Therefore don’t be worried to put your photo on an STD site. Positive singles has ideal privacy settings that will make you less worried. You can set your photo to be viewed by your favorites or other members in the site


There is free and paid membership. It is estimated that there are 120000 conversations per day, and around 15000 active members daily. To join positivesingles.com is easy, for free membership, you can create your profile. Start sending messages, get replies and move on to find your partner. To get the full benefits, you need paid membership. It is regarded as a sign of seriousness when you have a paid account. You are regarded as serious in your search for love partner. You should note that to narrow your search by STD you have to have a fully paid membership. It makes the process easy and gets the conversation started. With a free membership you can only search people by location, gender, and age, but with the paid membership you can narrow down your search to STD, education, religion, type of relationship you desire and also the physical appearance. Note that positive singles don’t charge you to register or browse profiles. You have to pay to use the premium features.

Membership cost

If you need to upgrade your site to have the extra benefits then you will have to pay some fee, based on the type of subscription you want. Note: all payments are billed on easy pay for positivesingles.com. Some of the subscriptions are: $1 per day if you want monthly subscription. For three months you will have to pay $19 monthly and finally for people willing to do payments after every six months then you will be billed $15 monthly. It is important to weigh the options and choose a subscription that best suits you. The longer the duration the more discounted prices are. Therefore if you need to upgrade, make a decision and choose the most discounted price.

Herpes dating website

Herpes is the most prevailing STD, and can be passed by skin to skin contact. Herpes shows up as sores on the mouth or genitals. Most people usually have herpes but they are not aware. It is the reason why herpes is prevalent. Positivesingles.com brings all this people together on one platform, so that they can speak up and accept they have STDs. Dating with herpes can be challenging because you can reveal to your potential partner that you have herpes, because there is the risk of transmission. It is important to be honest if you have the virus. Be transparent and direct to the point.Therefore positivesingles.com provides a means people living with herpes and HIV can avoid awkward disclosures together. Users in positive singles know that each and every person there has an STD, therefore it removes the barrier of awkward disclosed. Meeting new partners with the same diagnosis rebuilds the confidence, and someone can feel there is love and life after STD diagnosis.

Meet people with herpes

If you have been diagnosed with the infection, never worry. Positivesingles.com provides a platform where you will get to meet new partners with same diagnosis and love life continues. You can find love and have great sex. Therefore positivesingles.com is basically a love platform to people who fear or who are depressed on whether they will ever get a love partner again in their life. You are not alone, many people who have STDs are looking for love and life time partners. You are guaranteed to find a partner according to your diagnosis on postivesingles.com. You should know that herpes is manageable through antivirals, and also improvements to the immune system.

Positivesingles is a great platform, it is social and caters for all the people who are living with sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t limit your search, find someone you can change to fit you. Don’t try to fit someone when you basically know you are not moving in the right track. The platform not only gives a site to date on, but also it has some unique features such as: treatment stories, live dating advisor, STD question, and answer. If you need a counseling lesson on the STDs then you are in the right place. There is a live counselor who will answer all the basic questions you need to know about, on positive dating. They encourage you and make you feel the pride and make you feel are not the only one. Many people out there are depressed and stressed, after being diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases. Positive singles brings them together and help them find a companion or a love partner. It is a simple process, you just have to register. After registration you will be able to access hundreds of people who have the same problem as you. Basically, positive singles gives you a chance to be open and connect to singles just like you.


Positive singles.com has existed for the last 16 years. They are a friendship community, social and make millions of positive singles put a smile on their face. A platform that give you the support and hope to find a life partner. It’s never the end of the worldin terms of getting a love partner. When you are diagnosed with STDs feel free and be open. Positivesingles.com doesn’t discriminate people regardless of the religion, gender, race and sexual orientation. Feel free to join today and find your companion. Remember that your information in this site is anonymous, you will never submit information that will make you feel uncomfortable when creating your profile. The site assures you of maximum privacy, feel free to join an STD site. Join positivesingles.com today and connect with hundreds of people who are just like you.